Nature's original eco-cloth

Natural Chamois leather has been trusted by professionals and enthusiasts for generations, to give a professional finish to you car and windows. However, did you know that it also offers a genuine eco-friendly drying option? As a natural fibre product it contains no plastic.  In stark contrast to microfibre drying cloths which are made from microplastics (microfibres) and release tiny plastic particles into run-off water with every wash. Natural Chamois is a renewable and 100% biodegradable product, making it a sustainable performance drying choice.

Our Natural Chamois is industry leading, with over 100 years of leather tanning experience as a family run business.

Our experienced sales team have worked with direct supply to ‘Top 5’ Global retailers, as well as supplying wholesale customers the world over.

We can offer natural chamois branded and packaged to your unique own label specifications or in one of our own established brands. For wholesale customers, we ship bulk chamois, trimmed to size and shape as well as crust chamois for chamois finishers.

All of our material is produced and supplied from within the EU, using the highest grade New Zealand sheepskin pelts. Our chamois leather is a by-product of New Zealand sheep and lamb farming, where the highest levels of ethical treatment of animals is maintained.