• Full Skin Chamois

    A premium product with strong worldwide demand. The original natural leather shape.
    Extra large chamois in sizes 4.50 to 7.00 sq ft.

  • Half Skin Chamois

    Broadly rectangular in shape with one straight long edge. Straight edges help to create a uniform packaging look.
    Shape sold widely in the USA.
    Large to XL sizes.

  • Neck Shape Chamois

    Curved triangular shape with one straight edge, that helps create a uniform packaging look.

  • French Cut CHAMOIS

    Premium shape, cut from a template.
    Priced higher due to wasted material. Sizes up to 4.00 sq ft only.

  • area cut chamois

    A natural shape our best value chamois. Ask us about discounted availability in smaller sizes of 1.00 to 1.75 sq ft.

  • Patchwork Chamois

    Sewn chamois pieces. Excellent discount retailer choice or as an entry level chamois in your range. Size 40cm x 40cm or bespoke.

  • Chamois demister sponge

    Used to wipe condensation from the inside of a car windscreen. A popular product in many markets.
    Size 8cm x 12cm x 3cm or bespoke volume permitting.

  • Branded Chamois

    Please contact our experienced sales team for packaging advice and to discuss your needs in more detail.

  • Branded Demister Sponges

    Please contact our experienced sales team for packaging advice and to discuss your needs in more detail.

  • SRP / CDU options

    Bespoke shelf ready packaging options, subject to volume.

  • Eco Packaging

    Eco focused packaging in line with a biodegradeble, zero plastic product. Bespoke, subject to order volume.

Fresh brand identity, premium product.

Our DRYR™ brand chamois is available in all size and shape options to best suit your individual market, (subject to order volume). This fresh, on trend branding can appeal to both newer chamois customers as well as traditional auto focused customers.

All DRYR Natural Chamois is British Standard approved. Unique packaging has been created to fit with chamois’ natural positioning. DRYR packaging is printed with vegetable inks on recycle card. It has been designed to not require metal or plastic fastenings, or a plastic covering to hold the product in place.

Own label chamois

Bespoke SRP units can be ordered to your specifications.  The image shows an example of environmentally conscious packaging.  This combination display box contains both natural chamois and chamois demister sponges and sits directly on shelf.

Please contact us to discuss your needs in detail.

Skiver Products

Skiver leathers are produced from the top grain split of a sheepskin.

Skivers are very versatile and offer excellent value. light and soft they are suitable for small leather goods, as well as for garments, handbags and shoe linings.

We offer finished skivers in many colour options and finishes.   Please contact us for more information.

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